advance Jal neti demo

Thursday, May 11, 2017

welcome to Rajendra yoga and wellness center Tapovan Rishikesh. today i am sharing my video with rest of world about advance practice of jal neti .Jal neti (Nasal cleansing with luckwarm  water ) is very useful for treating various issues related to kapha .Nose is one of our important sense organ and its cleanliness is important to breath properly and to learn pranayama. Advance form of neti need to be done under supervision of an expert yoga teacher and enough preparation  before attempting it. It is effective to cure some of the breathing problems and gives good and light feeling once you done it properly. have safe practice .


Five reasons to practice yoga

Friday, February 3, 2017

Five reasons to practice yoga :- 

  1. Strength Improvement :- In yoga asana we use  almost every muscles of the body resulting strength improvement .
  2. Concentration Power:-  Regular yoga and meditation practice helps in to stay  focused at present  moment .Resulting improved concentration power.
  3. Flexibility :- yoga not only improves our muscles range of motion and mobility , it also helps in minimizing aches and pain.
  4.  Stress and Weight Management :- Yoga and Meditation helps in  reducing stress level and burning excess calories.
  5. Inner Peace:- Yoga and Meditation practice helps individual to experience inner peace with in individual self. Yoga brings inner  joy and freedom as well as  clarity  of ideas   and emotions.


Warli Art Exhibition /classical music

Monday, December 19, 2016

Good Morning  Friends
Glad to share with this information that yesterday on 18 December 2016 we had hosted Warli  art exhibition cum classical  music programme at our yoga center . Warli art/painting is an ancient tradition of  Warli tribe peoples of western india , reflecting their  unique tradition,customs, believes and their love for nature in art form. Traditionally red mud walls are used  as canvas for this painting and rice paste is used as white color and bamboo sticks are used  as a pen/brush. According to artist Mr.Mayur and Tushar   who belongs to this tribe  this art/painting have  very old tradition  which  not only reflect ancient warli peoples sense of  art work with detailing but also express their  emotions  through it. It  was the kindness of artist to help guest  to paint  warli art  during this event.

Another attraction of sunday was to  enjoy live  classical music with various masters .it was a great fun for kids and our  valuable guests to enjoy warli painting while listening classical music.

 I wold like to thank Mukta ji , Pandit Om prakesh Ji  and their team members  to make this  programmer memorable and  successful.



boost immunity with Turmeric

Saturday, December 10, 2016

This morning harvest in our yoga garden -Turmiric (haldi/yellow powder )


It is one of most important herb due to its numerous benefits to mankind. From ancient times Indian society is familiar with it and using it in various forms such as for cooking, beauty products,and for medical use.

Due to its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties it is consider and immunity booster.
It is widely used for skin diseases and beauty products, in market there are various face pack available where key ingredients is Haldi powder.
Due to its anti inflammatory properties it is used in joint pains and various injuries. Warm milk mixed with little haldi is very useful for joint pains/join injuries.
It is also beneficial for cold and cough.   


Yoga & Gardening- similarities

Friday, December 9, 2016

After completing my morning yoga session  I was in my small yoga garden and doing little  gardening activity suddenly one thought strike in my mind about gardening and yoga relationship,I love to teach yoga as well as I also love to grow plants . I was so  surprise to  find out  how both activities have so much similarities  here I would like to share with you.
Meaning :-
 Yoga is an ancient knowledge one of its  mean is union of individual self with higher self and in regard to gardening we can say Gardening helps individual self to reunite with NATURE.You may have read various books and text such as Bhagwat Gita ,Patanjali yoga sura etc to understand  yoga and its various definitions . Today I share with you in a very simple yet effective meaning of yoga .According to me yoga is an ongoing process of cultivating good qualities & eliminating bad ones. If we see it is relation of Gardening same principal applicable, I gardener always   removing weeds and bad insects and cultivating good ones for the healthy growth of plants.
In yoga Guru guide his disciples to follow certain rule to successes in the path of divinity and in gardening a gardener help plants to grow and sustain in competitive ecology conditions.

Purpose of yoga:-
There are various yoga styles and tradition but all of them have one motivate to remove suffering and get freedom. And in gardening a gardener always tries to keep his/her plants happy and healthy by regularly watering/feeding and removing unwanted weeds. A healthy plants gives joy and happiness to his gardener as well as to visitor.(it may be the reason why we offer healthy flower to our friends who are sick or suffering) to cultivate yoga in our life we need patience, compassion, observation, and regularity. Without these qualities, progress in the path of yoga is suspicious. In yogic tradition we need to have patience for our practice to grow ,compassion for less fortunate people around us, self observation  to move in right direction(Path of Dharma) and regularity in practice to  minimize mind to move in negative   thinking Similarly  to develop a beautiful garden a gardener need to have patience for the germination of seeds and growth of plants ,compassion for nature and plants, observation eyes to rectify weeds and any other  sickness of plants and regularity to watering/feeding plants etc.
 To be a good teacher, good yoga practice and teacher training module need to following  those qualities

Timing Yoga starts when you leave class room.  You have to apply principal of yoga in your social life. Generally we practice yoga in morning hours and in the evening hours. similarly a gardener always keep his/her  eye on garden most of the  time but mainly he/she spend more time in morning hours or in the evening hours with their plants.
 It is show nice to see growth of students and plants in there life. A teacher is always happy to see progress in the life of their students and also a gardener always  feel joyful to see the result of  all his effort to cultivate  beautiful garden around .

thank you for reading.


Before attempting Peculiar yoga poses

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Got inspired to see peculiar poses appears in many yoga and health magazines front cover! Some of you may have already practiced those poses in your regular yoga classes or in Yoga teacher training.  .They looks fancy as well as motivational. Gives inspiration to take your practice to next level. Do you know the science behind these types of peculiar poses? How they are useful? How to accomplish them?  Do you know what are the risk factor involve in these kinds of poses? How to minimize those risk factors? Etc
 Today I would like to share some useful thoughts about it with you to keep moving your yoga practice to next level with keeping safety in our prime consideration.

As we all familiar that India is abode of yoga and many form and tradition of yoga have been practiced here from long time. In Hatha yoga tradition ancient yogis develop and preach balancing poses because they knew the value of balancing poses. I recognize ancient yogis as scientist .There is nothing in yoga which does not have some logic behind.  Yoga is a living science.

Science behind balancing poses:
The science behind balancing poses is to achieve equilibrium in every aspect of life. At physical level while performing these poses we are trying to achieve equilibrium on an unstable base. At mental level we are trying to achieve equilibrium between our fear and confidence. These poses are good example of body mind equilibrium. A very good example of neuro- muscular communication. Without proper communication between our muscles and senses organs it is not possible to do balancing poses. 

We can group balancing poses in two major categories

(1)Leg balances   (2) Arms balances

Tree pose


Significance of balancing asana

ü  Balancing poses strengthening the body and improving its structural integrity.
ü  These postures not only improving your physical appearance but also brings mental stability and focused attention.
ü  Balancing poses cultivate self confidence and gives sense of accomplishment.
ü  They help you to overcome fear factor.
ü  Develop patience and consistence in practice.

How to accomplish these poses and minimize risk

Ø  Training:- Adequate preparation and training minimize these risk factors.  Without proper training these postures may adversely affect your structural integrity. There are some common risk factor involve in these  kind of postures such as in leg balancing postures  strain in lower back/stress in hip/ankle/knee etc. and in arm balancing postures  significant risk  to wrist elbow neck etc.
Ø  Guidance:- Practice under the guidance of experienced teacher with regularity helps to accomplish such balancing asana.  Not merely watching videos
Ø  Preparatory practice: - Enough preparatory practices are required before attempting peculiar poses.

Ø  Awareness: another important point to keep in mind to remain aware with your breath and body.

Note:-We are yoga teacher not a doctor or therapist and we are not claiming any kind of medical assistance. This article is only  an awareness towards Balancing poses  and   that  how you can avoid injuries. it does not provide any relief from pain. We are not yoga therapist.

 If you have any concern or wants to know about courses or activities please feel free to write me any time. 
Thank you 


Useful Dietary Tips for yoga students.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Useful Dietary Guidelines for yoga students.

 What should I eat? This is very common question in the mind of beginner yoga students & equally important  question . As many of us practicing yoga for health point of view so it is natural to know what we should eat?, when to eat?, how to eat ?etc. Today I would like to share some thoughts on useful Dietary tips for yoga students. It will be helpful to reap maximum benefits of your  yoga practice & as well as enhance your  yoga practice.
Here I am not discussing about vegetarian – non vegetarian diet. I am simple suggestion some basic guidelines to cultivate proper eating habits. Here I would like to make it clear that vegetarian diet is help full to optimism benefits of yoga at various levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) however it is not pre condition for beginning your yoga practice.  But I have seen many of my students after learning yoga they gives preference to vegetarian diet now.
 Today I am sharing some of the basic principles of eating .It seems funny but it is true also many of us do not take their meal properly. I was one of them. I used to read and eat same time or watching TV and consuming my meal same time. I also have bad habit to eat very fast.  But now I have changed it and have seen good result in my practice. So I am sharing few dietary  tips with you.
  • Company: - If possible try to dine either alone or with people you genuinely like. Negative thoughts /emotions are not good while eating. Even the negative thoughts of cook while cooking OR with whom you are eating can affect your digestion. .  Your thoughts can be influenced by negative minded people so avoid those people company while eating If you are stressed or have anger do not eat at that particular moment/condition.
  • Atmosphere: To enhance your eating experiences eat in quiet atmosphere; It really affects your digestion process and mood. Always eat in sitting position and avoid watching TV, reading or talking while chewing your meal. Try to pay attention on what you are eating and enjoy it.
  • Speed: - Do not eat too fast or too slow. Give enough time yourself for chewing food & to mix saliva properly .Also enjoy the process of eating. Do not over eat .Leave one third to one quarter of your stomach empty to aid digestion.  Avoid taking another meal unless previous meal has been digested.
  • Timing: - Eat at the same time every day. It optimized digestion process as body biological clock adjusts accordingly.  It is one of the difficult points I am facing due to my kids and family routine.
Note:-If you have class or practice in the evening kindly provide 3 to 4 hour gap between your meal and practice.
  • Water:-You can have few sip of water during meal.(some people suggest do not take water  during meal) Avoid taking chilled water as it slow down digestive fire. Room temperature water is fine. Avoid any soft drinks during your meal.
  • Rest:-Few minutes rest is advisable after meal Do not rush for another activity just after finishing your meal.remain quiet after eating. & say thanks to nature to provide you healthy nutritional food and also  to the person who cooked food for you. Lunch time you need to take rest after meal and after dinner you need to talk walk to digest food properly.
  •  Six taste:- Ayurveda  (an ancient system of Indian medicine) recommend to eat all six tastes every day-sweet.sour,salty,pungent,bitter,and astringent – add these tastes in your regular food items.
  • Choose Local harvest:- Eat fresh food according to season  with full of prana (energy).Try to buy local grown food as they have same air,water,sun, nutrients and sun light that you grow up. It also supports local economy and farmers. Frozen food or packed food need to be avoided as they does not have any prana(energy) value
  • Heating/left over: -Avoid over heating/ re heating food. Reheating foods changes its quality and minimize nutritional value of food. Avoid leftover food also, as it develops Tamasic gunas. Cook only how much you can eat. Do not cook too much. Avoid wasting food.
  • Yogurt, lassi ,buttermilk  etc should be avoided in the night time.

Note:-. This article is only about an awareness  that  how you can enjoy your food and gain maximum benefits for your food. this post  is inspired by ancient people's eating habits when they use to eat together  with family members and utilizes natural resources for their dietary supplements. i am not a dietitian or expert on food i am a yoga teacher and sharing my views on our eating habits.

 If you have any concern or wants to know about our yoga courses or activities please feel free to write me any time. 
Thank you  


How to multiply benefits of Surya Namaskar

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation)

A silent yet powerful traditional ritual of gratitude to living God Sun also consider as deity of health.This traditional set of asanas along with breathing sequence very useful for harnessing sun's life giving energy in to our life.This beautiful sequence not only enhance our physical well being but also significantly impacting our vital ,mental ,emotional & spiritual well being.

Normally  this ancient sequence  of asana is translated as sun salutation but salutation word does not  100 percent justify meaning of Namaskar . Namaskar not only meaning salutation but also refer as "to bow" to recognize and respect your whole being.
It is difficult to find out origin of Surya namaskar tradition. Often it is used in Hatha yoga tradition but we do not have any  traditional yoga text reference for this kind of yoga sequence.
Here i would like  share key component of surya namaskar. As many of us see and practice surya namaskar in most of our  yoga classes due to its  tremendous  health benefits .I am sharing some useful hints to enhance surya namaskar benefits .

Breath:-As we all know breath  play an important role in all yoga practices. so while doing surya namaskar kindly allow your breath to move your body d not practice just mechanical, while performing this nature worship ritual(surya namaskar) kindly keep breath awareness in your kind consideration.

Feeling:-Allow your self to fully contemplate, the meaning and purpose of surya namaskar with deep sense of gratitude to sun' life giving energy.
Mantra:- Mantra - a powerful tool to advance your spiritual journey  and to opening the doors of  various possibilities.Use various mantras or simple Om while practicing surya namaskar. Mantra in motion activates spiritual energies.
Exposer to sun :- It is important to do surya namaskar in the presence of sun light.Or you can  imagine sun in your heart chakra.


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