Slowdown Aging with Uddiyana Bandha

Friday, November 14, 2014

From ancient time peoples from many civilizations trying to find solutions of  aging. It is human natural desire to remain youthful & healthy throughout his life. Aging is natural process.No one can stop it,but with the help of ancient science of yoga the speed of aging can be slow down.Yoga offer many tools and techniques for maintain youthfulness. Uddiyana Bandha is one of the technique which is helpful  in slowdown natural process of aging.
In Uddiyana bandha we try to channelize  prana in susmana nadi and move prana ( energy) upward.This helps us to gain control over our energy system.
As we grow  older our skin and nervous system become loose & less effective,this yogic procedure reverse it and preserve the health of our vital organs such as Liver,Digestive system,Lung ,excretory system etc
Uddiyana Baindha plays an  important role in our  yoga practice not only  for its physical benefits but spiritual aspect too. The picture shown in this article was taken by me at Rajendra yoga and wellness centre (RYWC) Tapovan where one of my student learning & practicing Uddiyana bandha  during her one week yoga foundation course at RYWC,Tapovan
Uddiyana bandha have  tremendous health  benefits but it need to practiced under supervision of an expert yoga teacher because it  has involvement  of  breath control (retain of breath) which may be dangerous if done whit out proper preparation.

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Westerners Too Keen for Yoga and Allied Wellness Sciences

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's sometimes amazing, how much interest Westerners have for Yoga and alternative Wellness Sciences. Just concluded a fruitful Yoga deliberation with some future students, at a place 20 miles from RYWS, Tapovan Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh. Tell you, the quality of questions was really great.


Start Learning Yoga after festivities

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The festivals across world give us an excuse to eat to the hilt. The festivals are the times, when most disciplined among us allow some slack (At present, North India is recuperating from Diwali freedom with plenty of sweetmeat and snacking.)

That's why, the time immediately after the festivities is the best time to learn new well being sciences. Yoga is one of them. 


Yoga education training session with yoga & Ayurveda students

Saturday, October 25, 2014

After the Depwali festival I had an early morning  yoga and philosophy session with overseas yoga and Ayurveda students. It was lovely to share eastern yoga wisdom with western yoga and Ayurveda students. What made the sessions even richer was the fact that these yoga enthusiasts are vising Rishikesh for the first time . 

I hope their first experience with Yoga is filled joy and good memories. I hope they keep coming to the land of Yogis and yoga scholars. In fact, the word Rishikesh itself means "The Hair of an Ascetic or wise man living as a hermit". There's still much the World can learn about yoga and Ayurveda and share their Indian  experience of  yoga and Ayurveda with their community back home.

Thank you for visiting India and your interest in yoga and Ayurveda.

Wisdom of Yoga unites us  and liberates our soles


Padmasana -a seating pose most suitable for (antar yatra) inner journery.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Final goal of yoga is to attain inner peace.Padmasana(lotus pose) is one of the meditative pose suitable for those yoga practitioner seeking inner joy.It is not  so easy pose specially  if some one have limited range of motion at pelvic area  & knee . But with regular practiceof some joint opening yogic exercises  and strong  determination one can master over it.This asana brings stability at physical level as well as mental level. As we all know , lotus flower grow in muddy water but never get effected by muddy water, in this way this  asana educating  us to remain indifference in this material world. and continue our search for inner peace.


Cow is the Vehicle of Salvation in Hinduism | It's Believed So!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cow is the vehicle to attain Salvation in Hinduism. The meaning of Salvation, as understood by me is the Soul finally getting rid off the eternal Cycle of Birth and Death; and finally merging with the Supreme Soul. In Ancient Hindu texts it's explained as Crossing the Vaitarani (the mythical river, crossing which a person is free from the cycle of Birth and Death). Since Moksha is one of the goals of a devout Hindu, hence cow has a special status in Hinduism.

Is this a Fact ? Obviously, it's not. But it can seen as one of the eternal desire of mankind to reach the Supreme Soul.

There are many rituals in Hinduism which involve a Cow. The one where a person wants to cross the mythical river Vaitarani with the help of a cow, involves the person walking in the ritual, with the tail of the cow in his hand.

I've a cow in my home as well. We lovingly call it Radha. Radha means Prosperous. And it is also believed that a House with a Cow is Prosperous . In contentment, resources, materialism and spirituality.


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