Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Five Simple Steps to be healthy

Five Simple steps to be healthy

As we all aware of this proverb health is wealth. Nothing can replace good healthy. Being healthy is not so difficult task and to ensure that you need not to work too hard on fitness center or eat only boiled vegetables and salads. To achieve healthy body and mind all you need to adopt few healthy habits in your day to day life and get rid from unhealthy ones.
There are various reasons to get sick for example shift in our lifestyle habits which includes food, sleep, exercise etc. Though no one can have total control over getting sick, neither anyone can forecast when you might get sick .You can certainly take some precautionary steps to keep illness at bay. Strengthening your immune system  is very important step to fight with illness and keep illness away .Regular practice of yoga and meditation helps in boosting your immune system  and nourish your energy system to enhance your  natural nature of being healthy and happy,
Life style modification that are affecting our health and wellbeing: - Due to radically changes in our Life style   we are prone to a wide range of lifestyle related serious health problems and conditions. We need to take few healthy steps to improve our habits. Some changes which effecting our health negatively
  • ·         Sedentary life style
  • ·         Overeating and eating unhealthy food such as f fast/junk food
  • ·         Lack of sleep and too much use of electronic gadgets
  • ·         Extreme consumption of alcohol
  • ·         Smoking and pollution
  • ·         Stress and anxiety

Steps to Good health
Few   easy and simple steps can work wonder in improving your health and wellbeing.
ü  Proper Sleep and Recreation activities 
According to scientific studies human body need 8 hour of sound sleep every day to stay fit and fine .During sleeping period our body repair itself. Do not compromise on your sleeping hours.Recreation activities are also important to be healthy. so please find some time to join some recreation activities or catch up with some friend to refresh your self  
ü  Proper Eating
Eat properly and on time. Do not skip proper meals or eat junk food often. Eat a balanced meal includes all essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates etc.  Eat in peaceful environment with peace of mind. Eat according to session and fresh.
ü  Proper Relaxation
Manage your anxiety and stress level, Busy and fast lives have made us prone to stress and anxiety. Regulate your priorities and purpose of life .stressful life can have serious effects on your overall health. You can practice yoga nidra to manage your anxiety and stress level.

ü  Proper Exercise and Meditation
Practice yoga and meditation on regular basis.If you hesitate or not sure how to practice Yoga ,you can enroll your self for Beginner's yoga course . Physical and mental health is essential for healthy living. Yoga and meditation not only helps in burning extra calories and keep you fit and flexible but also keep many sicknesses at bay.Join some Yoga and Meditation Retreat to rejuvenate your self 
ü  Quit Bad Habits
Quit bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol etc. foundation of health depend on good healthy habits. Smoking, alcohol consumption can increase your chance to get critical illnesses such as asthma, heart diseases, liver failure etc.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Memories from Yoga workshop in China

Today i am writing something about my last year trip. to China . I got an opportunity to travel china and to meet people of china . it was a great experience to visit china .i was surprise to see big number of people joining various yoga clubs and studio to  practicing yoga and yoga courses .at first look  it seems their primary concern to join the yoga classes and courses to maximize their health/fitness and flexibility but when i discuss with them about yoga and spirituality many of them are interested to know more about yoga .There are many yoga teachers from India and teaching various yoga styles  of yoga according to requirements of students . They have great respect for teachers and follow instructions vary carefully .I  meet some Chinese yoga   teachers as well during my short visit to china.Many of them wants to come and visit India and learn yoga from Indian masters . Now Spiritual aspect of yoga is also getting  people attention . They want to know more about it .
During my short  visit to china i notice many senior citizens practice yoga and tai chi by them self in public places   and good thing they keep practicing by them self and also sharing with other people .it s good sign to proceed in the path of yoga . In patanjali yoga sutra it is mention as
sa tu dirgha kala nairantaira satkara asevitah dridha bhumih.
 it  means success in  yoga  can be  achieved via sound and continuous practice over an extended period of time . During this short trip to china we organised some work shop and the topic was how to teach yoga safely and effectively  as well as how to adjust students posture and various  adaptations according to students ability to practice .