How to avoid yoga injuries

Saturday, July 23, 2016

How to avoid yoga injuries

Yoga -a way of self realization can realize you pain and injuries if it is not done with properly. As many people are joining yoga sessions to fulfill their desire to remain healthy and healthy, there are also growing number of cases have been reported about getting injuries or pain by yoga practice.
  • Forceful adjustments,
  •  Lack of knowledge about sequencing of asanas,
  • Too much expectation or pushing too hard,
  • Lack of preparatory practices ,
  • Ignoring body limitations etc are some of the reasons to have pain or injuries .

adopting posture according to student 
Today I am writing to you to sharing this important information with you to avoid any injury while doing yoga.  To avoid any injury in yoga you need to develop a self respecting awareness. If you ignore signs of pain you may be harming your muscles,nerves or spinal discs. Unless you had years of experience and knowledge exactly what you are doing pushing yourself in to a painful stretch will not only court injury it will also create a state of fear and anxiety. Kindly consider Pain as a positive sign to know something is not right. Kindly analyze the nature of problem.

Here at our yoga school we are always concern about the safety of our valuable students and providing best of our knowledge and teaching. We use holistic approach of teaching yoga in our general classes or teacher training courses in Rishikesh.We believe with regular and consistent practice make a lot of changes then pushing or forcing our muscles to attain certain desired postures/asana. we need to develop right attitude towards Hatha yoga practice rather then coping some one else. yoga is more about mental flexibility  then physical.

Note:-We are yoga teacher not a doctor or therapist and we are not claiming any kind of medical assistance. This article is only about an awareness  that  how you can avoid injuries it does not provide any relief from pain. We are not yoga therapist.

 If you have any concern or wants to know about courses or activities please feel free to write me any time. 
Thank you 


Detox nasal & respiratory system with yoga

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hatha yoga focus on purification .for this there are 6 methods today i share one of them, 

Many of us suffer colds and have sinus or allergies problems, Yoga offers simple but effective way to prevent these problems. In Hatha yoga tradition there is a term known as     Kriyas (internal purification) ,
One of the kriya known as Jal neti (use of warm saline water) It is very useful for sinus/ allergies/ & other respiratory sickness. It clean and purify the nasal passage and brings its natural strength back.
Jal neti is an ancient technique to wash out nasal passage and to prevent cold and allergies. The nasal passages are lined with a thin layer of mucus that is one of our body’s first lines of defense against invading microbes. Neti kriya naturally cleans, refresh and protect these passages. It is all natural, non addictive and have no side effects.
With regular practice of it you can minimize the adverse effect of pollution on our respiratory system and it can be beneficial for those suffering with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. It helps to clean sinus and it is an aid to prevent headache.

·      Simple clean fresh lukewarm water

·     Little sea salt.   

·      Neti pot and tissue paper (for wiping nose)

Timing:- Morning is best time to practice it before breakfast .but it can be practices other time of the day.

Filled up neti pot with lukewarm water & mix little salt on it. {It should not be too salty or less salty,It should be taste like tears.Temperature of the water should be bearable.}
Tilt your head to left side and insert neti pot tip to your right nostril.(if right nostril is blocked do this process  from other side first) open your mouth for breathing purpose and allow water to flow from other nostril. In case water goes on your mount try to find out correct angel so that water does not travel to your mouth. Practice it till pot is empty then refill pot and do it again from other side. This is one round.
After finishing it make sure to dry your nostril with repaid exhale. And then rest for a while.

Note :-Kindly learn it under the guidance of expert yoga teacher to avoid any adverse effect.


Yoga with Himalayan children

Friday, February 26, 2016

Yoga with Himalayan children last week i got an opportunity to share my yoga teaching with Himalayan childern .it was a fun activity with mountain children .it gives me pleasure to see smile faces with lots of energy enthusiam to learn yoga.Here i share some snaps from this event.


Hatha yoga

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Many of  us think Hatha yoga as synonymous of asana (posture)as it is very popular yoga practice. Actually it  is not right,it is not merely about asana In hatha yoga tradition Ha represent mental energy and Tha represent Pranic energy. Process of uniting these  2 energies called hatha yoga. In more scientific way we can say that  developing equilibrium between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is Hatha yoga.Purity,peace, equanimity and power in nervous system helps in activation  of spiritual energy Chakras. To purify our nervious system swami swaatmaram  describes 6 cleansing procedures known as shat should be learn under the guidance of an expert. These practices helps students  to deepening there practice and brings clarity  in mind for the practice of Raja yoga.(Meditation)


International yoga day @world capital of yoga-Rishikesh

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Greetings to all divine souls from foot hills of Himalaya. 21 June 2015 is now  historic day  for yoga loving and practicing  people around the world as UN declared  this day as International yoga day. Many many thanks to members countries of UN & our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi to make it possible .
Rishikesh as known as world capital of yoga due to various great yoga gurus in past who have done great sadhana here for there enlightenment and also work hard  to spread the massage/education  of yoga around the world for the peace and harmony.
On this auspicious day a small   effort is done by all yoga teachers of Rishikesh to celebrate this day with love and harmony  and spread the massage of yoga for the welfare of  society with the spirit of  वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्.'every country is my own and all the people are my family member.
A Rudraksh plant was planted on the holy bank of Ganga with this feeling  to pay back to nature/society. As tree continuous grow  towards sun light we as yoga enthusiast also continuous make some efforts for light /real knowledge in our life.It also  teach us  to be humble and useful for others and share our wisdom of yoga with others with out and social economical boundaries. as any one can enjoy the shade of a tree with out there cast and religious background.
a warm welcome of  Gurus .saint & yoga masters  is done by young children of local schools .followed by sun salutation /asana/mudra/pranayama/meditation /music to give audience on over view of yoga . some young yoga teacher performed yoga demonstration  of challenging asanas.. here i am sharing some pictures of this event. Namaskar

Rudrakesh tree plantation on the bank of ganga.

with some of the great teachers of rishikesh

Yoga people all coming togather

yoga teacher on stage

ready for pranayama
Prayer an important aspect of life

a beautiful smile to welcome the  wisdom of yoga in her heart.
lady in her moving meditation stage with light music

may all be happy,healthy and live in peace 

addressing students about pranayama and its benefits 
Joint opening practice 

with yoga teachers of  rishikesh

lighting ceremony


Thursday, June 25, 2015


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