Friday, January 19, 2018

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Welcome to Rishikesh . An abode of yoga and spirituality ,Gateway to Himalaya. Yoga is essential for living a balanced life .Think beyond 90 minutes  class room training . Though Yoga is difficult subject to understand and 90 minutes training is not sufficient to address various dimension of our personality.Holistic yoga Teacher training course gives you an opportunity to study yoga and experience it more deeply . Though  we can not assure you that just by taking part in our holistic teacher training you  become good yoga teacher  but we believe teaching perhaps  something that will follow naturally according to our deeper understanding of the subject.  And that is our goal to equipped you with detail knowledge of the subject theoretical as well as practical to teach safely and effectively.
Essentials  of our holistic teacher training  are 
Asana alignments and adjustment techniques
Asana sequencing and yogic detoxification 
Mantra chanting, Meditation and Pranayama 
Ayurveda, Yoga ethics
Anatomy and physiology, class room management  

Any question or feed back most welcome . Thank you 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

advance Jal neti demo

welcome to Rajendra yoga and wellness center Tapovan Rishikesh. today i am sharing my video with rest of world about advance practice of jal neti .Jal neti (Nasal cleansing with luckwarm  water ) is very useful for treating various issues related to kapha .Nose is one of our important sense organ and its cleanliness is important to breath properly and to learn pranayama. Advance form of neti need to be done under supervision of an expert yoga teacher and enough preparation  before attempting it. It is effective to cure some of the breathing problems and gives good and light feeling once you done it properly. have safe practice .

Friday, February 3, 2017

Five reasons to practice yoga

Five reasons to practice yoga :- 

  1. Strength Improvement :- In yoga asana we use  almost every muscles of the body resulting strength improvement .
  2. Concentration Power:-  Regular yoga and meditation practice helps in to stay  focused at present  moment .Resulting improved concentration power.
  3. Flexibility :- yoga not only improves our muscles range of motion and mobility , it also helps in minimizing aches and pain.
  4.  Stress and Weight Management :- Yoga and Meditation helps in  reducing stress level and burning excess calories.
  5. Inner Peace:- Yoga and Meditation practice helps individual to experience inner peace with in individual self. Yoga brings inner  joy and freedom as well as  clarity  of ideas   and emotions.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Warli Art Exhibition /classical music

Good Morning  Friends
Glad to share with this information that yesterday on 18 December 2016 we had hosted Warli  art exhibition cum classical  music programme at our yoga center . Warli art/painting is an ancient tradition of  Warli tribe peoples of western india , reflecting their  unique tradition,customs, believes and their love for nature in art form. Traditionally red mud walls are used  as canvas for this painting and rice paste is used as white color and bamboo sticks are used  as a pen/brush. According to artist Mr.Mayur and Tushar   who belongs to this tribe  this art/painting have  very old tradition  which  not only reflect ancient warli peoples sense of  art work with detailing but also express their  emotions  through it. It  was the kindness of artist to help guest  to paint  warli art  during this event.

Another attraction of sunday was to  enjoy live  classical music with various masters .it was a great fun for kids and our  valuable guests to enjoy warli painting while listening classical music.

 I wold like to thank Mukta ji , Pandit Om prakesh Ji  and their team members  to make this  programmer memorable and  successful.