Thursday, January 30, 2014

Asana : Important Thing One must Note

Asana  are not merely a physical exercises or stretching routine but they contain hidden seeds of spiritual development of individual self. Asana prepare strong foundation for physical health,mental peace and spiritual growth. The word  asana used for many meaning . it is from sanskrit word  “आस As “ meaning to sit down. The cloth used for asana meditation practice also known as Asana. In Hatha yoga asana means a body position . Maharshi Patanjali  describes the quality of an asana as  “Sthira  sukham asana” means  stability ,and ease in position called an asana.

Asana not merely regulate various body activities but also develop control  and stability over speech and is essential for every one to practice asana  to gain the benefits of it.They not only protect your self from sickness but also helps to cure. At present many people suffering from life style related sickness such as obesity, heart problem ,stress ,migraine etc. These problems can be cured by yoga practice and by following natural way of living.

Asana have psychological benefits also it bring mental  happiness and strength the internal organs and our endocrine system as a result body immune  power increases.

Before you start your yoga asana practing make sure you follow few points to have a safe and healthy yoga practice.

  • ·         Always practice asana according  to your health and ability.

  • ·         Not bring the feeling of competitiveness.

  • ·         Practice empty stomach or 3 hours after having meal.

  • ·         Female practitioner avoid any inversion pose during period time.

  • ·         If you are a beginners practice with some yoga teacher for safety.

·         These are general guidelines kindly consult your doctor before you start yoga practice.

Thank you have a safe and peaceful yoga practice

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