Thursday, February 6, 2014

Alignment, an art of adjustment

Everyone  have  unique physical body .  Two yoga aspirant can not have same yogic experience with same kind of Asana.
Alignment  is an important aspect of  yoga .Alignment is an art of adjustment,with proper alignment yoga aspirant adjust his or her body to achieve desired Asana without  any injury.Alignment helps to bring stability  and peace in your mind The essential quality of an Asana as described  by  Patanjali yoga sutra is “Sthira  sukham asana” means  stability ,and ease in position.

If Asana practice is done properly it promotes structural stability,physiological immunity and emotional health.Many people join yoga for physical benefits  though yoga is not a physical culture but there in no doubt that Asana practice helps practitioner to gain good health and peace of mind. Without  proper alignment Asana practice does not give as much benefits as you can achieve with proper alignment .Many people got injury due to wrong way of doing Asana.
adjusting yoga student at Rajendra yoga and wellness centre,tapovan

Alignment means  accurate/precise  positioning  of various body parts/joints  to gain maximum benefits from particular position(Asana) and to avoid any  injury .Every individual have unique body structure.Various joints and there range of motion may vary  from person to person. Alignment helps to gain balance  among various muscles and joints. It helps Yoga aspirants to minimize  yoga injuries and  have more safe practice to achieve stability,strength,flexibility at physical level, On  physiological level alignment helps to develop balance neurological and hormonal level. At emotional level proper practice of Asana will increases our self confidence,tolerance  and compassion

adaptation also an  important aspect in yoga . it is widely used in yoga therapy or restorative yoga. To have proper alignment adaptation  plays key roll. In adaptation we can use some props or supportive tools as well as some modification to particular asana. It also help us  not to  becoming mechanical while practicing yoga .

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