Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Food Makes our mind

Food plays very  important role in our lives.It not only makes our physical body but also makes the mind.There is direct connection between our diet and our mental attitudes.If you notice the behavior of all the carnivorous animal they are restless,can not easily stay quiet,on the other hand if you  pay attention to herbivorous animals behavior ,in general they are soft,gentle yet strong enough like cow,horse,elephant etc.Peace of mind comes from there food.
Human body constitution  is not  meant for flesh eating.Many doctors today agree that meat has animal fat which leaves purine in our bodies that in turn,converts in to cholesterol.
If you are serious yoga aspirant and wish to progress in the path  of yoga ,spiritual journey serious you have to check your food and eating behavior.It is advisable for serious yoga students to avoid any kind of meat, eggs ,alcohol etc ..Dairy products also contain some amount of animal fat .If you want to be a strict vegetarian you need not even take dairy products But they have different quality. Cow milk is consider as sattvic food and it does not have that concentrated fat found in meat.
Milk is consider as whole meal.infant babies grow with milk  alone of course,Too much milk in quantity  will produce a kind of phlegm since we can not digest it well.if you are worried about protein  intake and you consume meat for protein then think about lentils,soybeans,sesame seeds cheese,tofu milk nuts etc they are the good source of protein .
Another reason to avoid meat and meat product  for serious yoga students due to ahimsa/non violence .very first principal of ashtanga yoga is Yama  which say to follow ahimsa /non violence
According to yoga food can be grouped in to following category 

Sattvic food.It is the most suitable food for serious yoga practitioners,this  kind of diet helps sadhak/yoga practitioner to maintain equilibrium between mind and body. This  kind of food not only nourishes the body but also  help to bring peace and harmony in our mind.mSattvic food increases Sattva guna(Purity ) .
Sattvic food includes Cereals  whole meal bread,milk,fresh juice,fresh vegetables and fruits,butter,cheese,legumes nuts,sprouted seeds, seeds honey and herbal teas.

Rajasic food This  kind of food  is sour ,hot ,bitter in nature. These kind of food are taste oriented and feed only body at the cost of mind. This kind of food destroy the mind body equilibrium. Rajasic food increases excitement and passion and restlessness .chocolate,coffee strong herbs etc falls under the group of rajasic food.

Tamasic food. These kind of food neither good for body nor mind. Prans is withdrawn,power of reasoning clouded and body immunity decreases and dark emotion like anger,greed increases . Tamasic food includes meat,alcohol,tobacco,onion ,garlic etc.

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