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In Indian society position of guru is highly respected .Even it is consider equal to God .Saint kabir describe Guru  as govind (God)He says

गुरु गोबिन्द दोउ खडे काके लागूँ पाँय
बलिहारी गुरु आपने गोबिन्द दियो बताय

Guru gobind dou khade,kaake lagoon paay
Balihari guru aapne
 gobind diyo batay

Guru is great than Govind or GOD (in spiritual form)..because Guru is the person who guides us and explains the pathway to reach to that Eternal power.he provides us knowledge to realize God and His divinity.

Guru is a Sanskrit word used for teacher.It means the one who enlighten you.This word consist of two  syllables Gu and RU . Gu represent darkness./ignorance  while Ru means the remover. Thus Guru is the remover of Darkness,ignorance,Who brings Knowledge in your life.

Guru Tattva(Essence of Guru) is not limited by Physical body.Guru is divine aspect that vibrates in the  body.if you are following your guru teaching no matter if he is there in physical form or not you will stay connected with him and get his divine directions.
Your mind can be your own guru if it is clean enough.Ultimately Guru tattva is within you.Until you are unable to get clear answers from with in you you may ask some one else who already know the way for directions

These are few essential qualities found in a genuine guru.

Brahmanandam parama sukhadam kevalam jnanamurtim
dvandvaateetam gagana sadrusam  tatvamasyadi lakshyam
ekam nityam vimala machalam sarvadheesaakshibuutam
bhaavaateetam triguna rahitam  sadgurum tam namaami

Bharti Baba Rishikesh

A guru is one who is not selfish,greedy .who is not doing things for his own benefits but for the benefits of humanity.
 who is not after things,name or fame.
whose life is dedicated to others,whose mission to show right direction to society.and bring peace in the mind of people.
Always have balanced , serene ,& stability in his way of living
He is wise with study wisdom.He is above dualities,not effected by praise or censure,profit or loss,pain or pleasure.
Living simple and meaning full life.
A guru never says “I want to be your guru”.Recently one of my student told me that some one offer her to be her guru,a real guru never ask you to be his disciple.
Just be aware about fake not get impress with there out looks better observe there activities and attitudes and intention, particular type of dressing or hair style is not essential qualification for a guru.
A genuine guru will never ask or demand any thing from you except your sincerity and faith.if he feels you are right candidate or have qualification for higher knowledge he will give it to you.even then he will not demand any thing in return.a Guru is like a light house shows you right direction but you have to processed or by your self.

Hari Om 

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