Friday, July 18, 2014

God helps you tackle Unhappiness in a Better way...

Every Religion or Faith claims that its believers will have better quality of life. In simple, they claim that the belief itself will end the sorrows and bring happiness. Is this True?

Lets not debate this. As many Sorrows and Happiness are part of Life. And believer or not , everyone has to go through his/her share of the two.

According to ISKCon, the International Society of Krishna Consciousness : Even a believer of Krishna, will go through the same cycles of Life; that's the Cycles of Happiness and Sorrow. Thus Krishna doesn't make the Life of his believer, the bed of flowers. What the submission to Krishna, as Supreme Lord, does is: It help the believer tide over the Unhappiness , better than others. In simple the faith on God or believing in some religion or faith helps the individual to face the lows in a better way.

I think, this can be applied to any faith or religion across the planet. A recent study also proves os: Faith in God helps a person manage unhappiness in a better way.


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