Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cow is the Vehicle of Salvation in Hinduism | It's Believed So!

Cow is the vehicle to attain Salvation in Hinduism. The meaning of Salvation, as understood by me is the Soul finally getting rid off the eternal Cycle of Birth and Death; and finally merging with the Supreme Soul. In Ancient Hindu texts it's explained as Crossing the Vaitarani (the mythical river, crossing which a person is free from the cycle of Birth and Death). Since Moksha is one of the goals of a devout Hindu, hence cow has a special status in Hinduism.

Is this a Fact ? Obviously, it's not. But it can seen as one of the eternal desire of mankind to reach the Supreme Soul.

There are many rituals in Hinduism which involve a Cow. The one where a person wants to cross the mythical river Vaitarani with the help of a cow, involves the person walking in the ritual, with the tail of the cow in his hand.

I've a cow in my home as well. We lovingly call it Radha. Radha means Prosperous. And it is also believed that a House with a Cow is Prosperous . In contentment, resources, materialism and spirituality.

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