Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yoga education training session with yoga & Ayurveda students

After the Depwali festival I had an early morning  yoga and philosophy session with overseas yoga and Ayurveda students. It was lovely to share eastern yoga wisdom with western yoga and Ayurveda students. What made the sessions even richer was the fact that these yoga enthusiasts are vising Rishikesh for the first time . 

I hope their first experience with Yoga is filled joy and good memories. I hope they keep coming to the land of Yogis and yoga scholars. In fact, the word Rishikesh itself means "The Hair of an Ascetic or wise man living as a hermit". There's still much the World can learn about yoga and Ayurveda and share their Indian  experience of  yoga and Ayurveda with their community back home.

Thank you for visiting India and your interest in yoga and Ayurveda.

Wisdom of Yoga unites us  and liberates our soles

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