Friday, November 14, 2014

Slowdown Aging with Uddiyana Bandha

From ancient time peoples from many civilizations trying to find solutions of  aging. It is human natural desire to remain youthful & healthy throughout his life. Aging is natural process.No one can stop it,but with the help of ancient science of yoga the speed of aging can be slow down.Yoga offer many tools and techniques for maintain youthfulness. Uddiyana Bandha is one of the technique which is helpful  in slowdown natural process of aging.
In Uddiyana bandha we try to channelize  prana in susmana nadi and move prana ( energy) upward.This helps us to gain control over our energy system.
As we grow  older our skin and nervous system become loose & less effective,this yogic procedure reverse it and preserve the health of our vital organs such as Liver,Digestive system,Lung ,excretory system etc
Uddiyana Baindha plays an  important role in our  yoga practice not only  for its physical benefits but spiritual aspect too. The picture shown in this article was taken by me at Rajendra yoga and wellness centre (RYWC) Tapovan where one of my student learning & practicing Uddiyana bandha  during her one week yoga foundation course at RYWC,Tapovan
Uddiyana bandha have  tremendous health  benefits but it need to practiced under supervision of an expert yoga teacher because it  has involvement  of  breath control (retain of breath) which may be dangerous if done whit out proper preparation.

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