Thursday, July 2, 2015

International yoga day @world capital of yoga-Rishikesh

Greetings to all divine souls from foot hills of Himalaya. 21 June 2015 is now  historic day  for yoga loving and practicing  people around the world as UN declared  this day as International yoga day. Many many thanks to members countries of UN & our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi to make it possible .
Rishikesh as known as world capital of yoga due to various great yoga gurus in past who have done great sadhana here for there enlightenment and also work hard  to spread the massage/education  of yoga around the world for the peace and harmony.
On this auspicious day a small   effort is done by all yoga teachers of Rishikesh to celebrate this day with love and harmony  and spread the massage of yoga for the welfare of  society with the spirit  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.  (entire  planet is my family)every country and their citizens are my brother and sisters .A Rudraksh  plant was planted on the holy bank of Ganga with the feeling to pay back to nature /society .As tree continuous grow towards sun light we as yoga enthusiast also continuous make some efforts for light/real knowledge in our also teaches us to be humble and useful for others and share our wisdom of yoga and wellness with out  social economical boundaries as any one can enjoy the shade of a tree with out their cast or religious background..

Rudrakesh tree plantation on the bank of ganga.

with some of the great teachers of rishikesh

Yoga people all coming togather

yoga teacher on stage

ready for pranayama
Prayer an important aspect of life
a beautiful smile to welcome the  wisdom of yoga in her heart.

lady in her moving meditation stage with light music
addressing students about pranayama and its benefits 

may all be happy,healthy and live in peace 

Joint opening practice 

with yoga teachers of  rishikesh

lighting ceremony

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