Sunday, July 17, 2016

Detox nasal & respiratory system with yoga

Hatha yoga focus on purification .for this there are 6 methods today i share one of them, 

Many of us suffer colds and have sinus or allergies problems, Yoga offers simple but effective way to prevent these problems. In Hatha yoga tradition there is a term known as     Kriyas (internal purification) ,
One of the kriya known as Jal neti (use of warm saline water) It is very useful for sinus/ allergies/ & other respiratory sickness. It clean and purify the nasal passage and brings its natural strength back.
Jal neti is an ancient technique to wash out nasal passage and to prevent cold and allergies. The nasal passages are lined with a thin layer of mucus that is one of our body’s first lines of defense against invading microbes. Neti kriya naturally cleans, refresh and protect these passages. It is all natural, non addictive and have no side effects.
With regular practice of it you can minimize the adverse effect of pollution on our respiratory system and it can be beneficial for those suffering with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. It helps to clean sinus and it is an aid to prevent headache.

·      Simple clean fresh lukewarm water

·     Little sea salt.   

·      Neti pot and tissue paper (for wiping nose)

Timing:- Morning is best time to practice it before breakfast .but it can be practices other time of the day.

Filled up neti pot with lukewarm water & mix little salt on it. {It should not be too salty or less salty,It should be taste like tears.Temperature of the water should be bearable.}
Tilt your head to left side and insert neti pot tip to your right nostril.(if right nostril is blocked do this process  from other side first) open your mouth for breathing purpose and allow water to flow from other nostril. In case water goes on your mount try to find out correct angel so that water does not travel to your mouth. Practice it till pot is empty then refill pot and do it again from other side. This is one round.
After finishing it make sure to dry your nostril with repaid exhale. And then rest for a while.

Note :-Kindly learn it under the guidance of expert yoga teacher to avoid any adverse effect.

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