Saturday, July 23, 2016

How to avoid yoga injuries

How to avoid yoga injuries

Careful adjustment  brings peace and stability in Asana ,

Adaptation of   yoga according to individual  

Yoga -a way of self realization can realize you pain and injuries if it is not done with properly. As many people are joining yoga sessions to fulfill their desire to remain healthy and healthy, there are also growing number of cases have been reported about getting injuries or pain by yoga practice.
  • Forceful adjustments,
  •  Lack of knowledge about sequencing of asanas,
  • Too much expectation or pushing too hard,
  • Lack of preparatory practices ,
  • Ignoring body limitations etc are some of the reasons to have pain or injuries .

Today I am writing to you to sharing this important information with you to avoid any injury while doing yoga.  To avoid any injury in yoga you need to develop a self respecting awareness. If you ignore signs of pain you may be harming your muscles,nerves or spinal discs. Unless you had years of experience and knowledge exactly what you are doing pushing yourself in to a painful stretch will not only court injury it will also create a state of fear and anxiety. Kindly consider Pain as a positive sign to know something is not right. Kindly analyze the nature of problem.

Here at our yoga school we are always concern about the safety of our valuable students and providing best of our knowledge and teaching. We use holistic approach of teaching yoga in our general classes or teacher training courses in Rishikesh.We believe with regular and consistent practice make a lot of changes then pushing or forcing our muscles to attain certain desired postures/asana. we need to develop right attitude towards Hatha yoga practice rather then coping some one else. yoga is more about mental flexibility  then physical.

Note:-We are yoga teacher not a doctor or therapist and we are not claiming any kind of medical assistance. This article is only about an awareness  that  how you can avoid injuries it does not provide any relief from pain. We are not yoga therapist.

 If you have any concern or wants to know about courses or activities please feel free to write me any time. 
Thank you 

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