Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to multiply benefits of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation)

A silent yet powerful traditional ritual of gratitude to living God Sun also consider as deity of health.This traditional set of asanas along with breathing sequence very useful for harnessing sun's life giving energy in to our life.This beautiful sequence not only enhance our physical well being but also significantly impacting our vital ,mental ,emotional & spiritual well being.

Normally  this ancient sequence  of asana is translated as sun salutation but salutation word does not  100 percent justify meaning of Namaskar . Namaskar not only meaning salutation but also refer as "to bow" to recognize and respect your whole being.
It is difficult to find out origin of Surya namaskar tradition. Often it is used in Hatha yoga tradition but we do not have any  traditional yoga text reference for this kind of yoga sequence.
Here i would like  share key component of surya namaskar. As many of us see and practice surya namaskar in most of our  yoga classes due to its  tremendous  health benefits .I am sharing some useful hints to enhance surya namaskar benefits .

Breath:-As we all know breath  play an important role in all yoga practices. so while doing surya namaskar kindly allow your breath to move your body d not practice just mechanical, while performing this nature worship ritual(surya namaskar) kindly keep breath awareness in your kind consideration.

Feeling:-Allow your self to fully contemplate, the meaning and purpose of surya namaskar with deep sense of gratitude to sun' life giving energy.
Mantra:- Mantra - a powerful tool to advance your spiritual journey  and to opening the doors of  various possibilities.Use various mantras or simple Om while practicing surya namaskar. Mantra in motion activates spiritual energies.
Exposer to sun :- It is important to do surya namaskar in the presence of sun light.Or you can  imagine sun in your heart chakra.
This practice is very useful for yoga students no matter you practice yoga on and off or a dedicated yoga practitioner.For beginner yoga students it works as warm up process to experience their own body and its limitations and for dedicated yoga students/yoga teachers /yoga teacher training students it works as purification  process as well as helps them to deepening their yoga practices. 
have a great practice .

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