Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Before attempting Peculiar yoga poses

Got inspired to see peculiar poses appears in many yoga and health magazines front cover! Some of you may have already practiced those poses in your regular yoga classes or in Yoga teacher training.  .They looks fancy as well as motivational. Gives inspiration to take your practice to next level. Do you know the science behind these types of peculiar poses? How they are useful? How to accomplish them?  Do you know what are the risk factor involve in these kinds of poses? How to minimize those risk factors? Etc
 Today I would like to share some useful thoughts about it with you to keep moving your yoga practice to next level with keeping safety in our prime consideration.

As we all familiar that India is abode of yoga and many form and tradition of yoga have been practiced here from long time. In Hatha yoga tradition ancient yogis develop and preach balancing poses because they knew the value of balancing poses. I recognize ancient yogis as scientist .There is nothing in yoga which does not have some logic behind.  Yoga is a living science.

Science behind balancing poses:
The science behind balancing poses is to achieve equilibrium in every aspect of life. At physical level while performing these poses we are trying to achieve equilibrium on an unstable base. At mental level we are trying to achieve equilibrium between our fear and confidence. These poses are good example of body mind equilibrium. A very good example of neuro- muscular communication. Without proper communication between our muscles and senses organs it is not possible to do balancing poses. 

Significance of balancing asana

ü  Balancing poses strengthening the body and improving its structural integrity.
ü  These postures not only improving your physical appearance but also brings mental stability and focused attention.
ü  Balancing poses cultivate self confidence and gives sense of accomplishment.
ü  They help you to overcome fear factor.
ü  Develop patience and consistence in practice.

How to accomplish these poses and minimize risk

Ø  Training:- Adequate preparation and training minimize these risk factors.  Without proper training these postures may adversely affect your structural integrity. There are some common risk factor involve in these  kind of postures such as in leg balancing postures  strain in lower back/stress in hip/ankle/knee etc. and in arm balancing postures  significant risk  to wrist elbow neck etc.
Ø  Guidance:- Practice under the guidance of experienced teacher with regularity helps to accomplish such balancing asana.  Not merely watching videos
Ø  Preparatory practice: - Enough preparatory practices are required before attempting peculiar poses.

Ø  Awareness: another important point to keep in mind to remain aware with your breath and body.

Note:-We are yoga teacher not a doctor or therapist and we are not claiming any kind of medical assistance. This article is only  an awareness towards Balancing poses  and   that  how you can avoid injuries. it does not provide any relief from pain. We are not yoga therapist.

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