Monday, December 19, 2016

Warli Art Exhibition /classical music

Good Morning  Friends
Glad to share with this information that yesterday on 18 December 2016 we had hosted Warli  art exhibition cum classical  music programme at our yoga center . Warli art/painting is an ancient tradition of  Warli tribe peoples of western india , reflecting their  unique tradition,customs, believes and their love for nature in art form. Traditionally red mud walls are used  as canvas for this painting and rice paste is used as white color and bamboo sticks are used  as a pen/brush. According to artist Mr.Mayur and Tushar   who belongs to this tribe  this art/painting have  very old tradition  which  not only reflect ancient warli peoples sense of  art work with detailing but also express their  emotions  through it. It  was the kindness of artist to help guest  to paint  warli art  during this event.

Another attraction of sunday was to  enjoy live  classical music with various masters .it was a great fun for kids and our  valuable guests to enjoy warli painting while listening classical music.

 I wold like to thank Mukta ji , Pandit Om prakesh Ji  and their team members  to make this  programmer memorable and  successful.


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