Friday, December 9, 2016

Yoga & Gardening- similarities

After completing my morning yoga session  I was in my small yoga garden and doing little  gardening activity suddenly one thought strike in my mind about gardening and yoga relationship,I love to teach yoga as well as I also love to grow plants . I was so  surprise to  find out  how both activities have so much similarities  here I would like to share with you.
Meaning :-
 Yoga is an ancient knowledge one of its  mean is union of individual self with higher self and in regard to gardening we can say Gardening helps individual self to reunite with NATURE.You may have read various books and text such as Bhagwat Gita ,Patanjali yoga sura etc to understand  yoga and its various definitions . Today I share with you in a very simple yet effective meaning of yoga .According to me yoga is an ongoing process of cultivating good qualities & eliminating bad ones. If we see it is relation of Gardening same principal applicable, I gardener always   removing weeds and bad insects and cultivating good ones for the healthy growth of plants.
In yoga Guru guide his disciples to follow certain rule to successes in the path of divinity and in gardening a gardener help plants to grow and sustain in competitive ecology conditions.

Purpose of yoga:-
There are various yoga styles and tradition but all of them have one motivate to remove suffering and get freedom. And in gardening a gardener always tries to keep his/her plants happy and healthy by regularly watering/feeding and removing unwanted weeds. A healthy plants gives joy and happiness to his gardener as well as to visitor.(it may be the reason why we offer healthy flower to our friends who are sick or suffering) to cultivate yoga in our life we need patience, compassion, observation, and regularity. Without these qualities, progress in the path of yoga is suspicious. In yogic tradition we need to have patience for our practice to grow ,compassion for less fortunate people around us, self observation  to move in right direction(Path of Dharma) and regularity in practice to  minimize mind to move in negative   thinking Similarly  to develop a beautiful garden a gardener need to have patience for the germination of seeds and growth of plants ,compassion for nature and plants, observation eyes to rectify weeds and any other  sickness of plants and regularity to watering/feeding plants etc.
 To be a good teacher, good yoga practice and teacher training module need to following  those qualities

Timing Yoga starts when you leave class room.  You have to apply principal of yoga in your social life. Generally we practice yoga in morning hours and in the evening hours. similarly a gardener always keep his/her  eye on garden most of the  time but mainly he/she spend more time in morning hours or in the evening hours with their plants.
 It is show nice to see growth of students and plants in there life. A teacher is always happy to see progress in the life of their students and also a gardener always  feel joyful to see the result of  all his effort to cultivate  beautiful garden around .

thank you for reading.

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