Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Health Benefits of Gomukhasan

Gomukhaasan(cow face pose)

It is an important and main asana,it is classified as hip opening posture.This asana stretches all the gluts (gluteus maximus,medius and minimus).It is little challenging posture for new students how ever some regular yoga students find it very comfortable and grounding posture. This posture equally beneficial for improving shoulder flexibility and strengthen.

For beginners students it is challenging to reach/clasp their fingers of both hands  behind their back,There are many possible reasons which includes- tightness in upper back,construction of their shoulder joints,lack of mobility etc.To over come such restriction/ situation  they can use a strap,belt .During our Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh  our yoga teacher provides detailed information and explanation  about each asana's anatomical and physiological aspects.And how to adjust .It is an important part of our 200 hours yoga teacher training curriculum.

Some of our students find it easier from one side and challenging from other side it may be due to increased strengthen and stability in dominant side arm's biceps and deltoids muscles ,to over come this issue practice regularly .

Benefits :-
  • Helps in stretching and opening hips
  • Open and develop cheast
  • strengthen your spine and abdominal muscles
  • improves function of Kidney and other excretory organs ,usefull for diabetic people
  • strengthen leg and ankle
  • helps to cure stiff shoulders

This asana should not practiced if you have injury in your shoulder,hip,knee or legs

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