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Best Food For Yogis & Yoginis

Just how you concern over learning and following right yoga practice for your health and well-being, It is equally important to pay attention on consuming a healthy and balanced diet to gain good health and  to enjoying maximum benefits of Yoga. In fact yogis consider healthy food is an integral part of yoga practice,as  our mind is made up of subtle parts of food we consume. And according to Ayurveda scriptures such as Charak shamita food is consider as a medicine too.
Yoga emphasis on  mindful practices, try to develop a mindful eating habits to experience healthy living and reaping maximum benefits of your yoga practices.
Yoga believes in sattivic diet but it is not a precondition to start your yoga exploration. Sattivic food is considered as the purest form of diet. It is the most suitable food for yogis, this kind of diet helps sadhak/yoga practitioner to maintain equilibrium between mind and body. This kind of food not only nourishes the body but also help to bring peace and harmony in our mind. Sattvic food increases Sattva Guna. 
During  our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh we  pay attention  to  tell yoga students about significance of yogic food and how to eat,share and prepare yogic food .In Above picture  our yoga  teacher training  participants paying their thanks to Food.

Yoga food is sattivic in nature ,vegetarian  and made up of non toxic food items .But i want to make it clear that  it is not a precondition to start your yoga exploration /Joining your yoga Teacher Training Course .Even if you practicing yoga but still love to continue your preferred  diet it is fine . 

 Sattivic food :-

Cereals, whole meal bread, milk, fresh juice, fresh vegetables and fruits, butter, cheese, legumes nuts, sprouted seeds, seeds honey and herbal teas etc are considered Sattvic food.

Vegetarian food-

Vegetarian food is highly recommended for yoga practitioners but is also not a precondition to explore your yoga potential or to be a yoga teacher. The reason behind recommending vegetarian diet is the principal of following Ahimsa (Non Violence ) and secondly the fact that animal protein contain too much uric acid and other toxins (excess use of meat product can result in joint pain and other complication ).
 Now you may have question in your mind then how do yogis get protein in their diet? As we all know protein and its significance role in body development and maintenance.

Yogis prefer to get their high quality protein intake through legumes/ pulses, green leafy vegetables, dairy products and soy products such as tofu. These products are easily digestible.

 Non toxic food:-

Yogis prefer their diet free from any stimulants and chemical such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and any artificial processes sweeteners. . Purity and freshness of food play very significance role in your health. According to Chandogya Upanishad by the purity of the food one becomes purifies in his inner nature.

Yoga is not merely exercising your muscles but it also recommends some life style modifications. In terms of diet and yoga practice it is recommended to practice yoga empty stomach/two hour’s gap between your food intake and practice time .same rule applies when you go off to sleep.

It is recommended in yoga to do fast time to time for the sake of purity of body and mind as well as to strengthen your will power.

Some good yogic food

Porridge: - it is good source of fiber and protein,Vitamins. And if you make porridge with milk it is good source of calcium as well. It is easy to digest and since it is slow burning it is great for sustained energy

Kitcheri: - It is highly recommended food in yoga and Ayurveda. Kitcheri is made up of mung beans, Basmati rice and some essential herbs. You can prepare this dish with or without adding some vegetables. It is very healthy and tasty food.
It is popular and fabulous food because of its flowing qualities
Helps in balance tri dosha (vata-pita-kapha)
Provides required protein
Easy to prepare and digest
Provide nourishment and enhance digestive fire
Removes toxins and gives energy

Lentils:-In Indian it is popularly known as Dal. There are several varieties of Dal.  It is full of iron and protein. It is delicious and generally eaten with rice and chapatti .Just careful various Indian restaurants offer dal dishes but most of them loaded with time too hot spices .Some Lentils (Dal) may require strong digestion such as kidney beans dal.

Fruits and vegetables:-
They are great source of instant energy, Fruits are loaded with vitamins, anti oxidant and fibers.
 Contain natural sugar to boost energy level

Tofu:- Another great source of protein contain 9 essential amino acids.

Nuts: - There are various kinds of nuts available in the market  such as almond, cashews, walnuts, peanuts. etc .They are very good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, omega 3 fat, anti oxidants etc

Green salad and sprouts :-Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard green, beetroot leaves etc are good source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, E, K and Iron and calcium. sprouts are equally beneficial , You can prepare Mung been sprouts in your kitchen easily. It is tasty and healthy , generally it is consumed raw with salad .

Note:-We are yoga teacher not a dietitian and we are not claiming any kind of medical assistance. This article is only about an awareness about yoga and food .We respect each individual and their respective food choices .Any question or feed back most welcome . Thank you 

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