Thursday, August 30, 2018


When you are roaming around Rishikesh  often kids says to you Namastee? Or  while you socializing with  local people you may have notice very common word "Namastee" for greetings.It is also commonly used by yoga teachers to welcome yoga students .

Do you know its meaning& its significance in your yoga practice ?

Today I share some information with you  regarding Namastee.

As you know it is very common and popular  word for greeting . You may be using it to greet your Indian friends or yoga teachers but may be you are not aware about its real meaning and purpose.

Namastee is not merely a word but as a gesture to greet  people .It is commonly use  for salutation and valediction .It is yoga believes that there is a divine soul with in each individual locates in Anahat Chakra(Heart Chakra) & this gesture is an acknowledgment  of the divine soul residing with in each of us.As you know being a yoga seekers/teachers  the main purpose of yoga is to eliminate ego and cultivate and promote union and equilibrium among all beautiful creations of God .Namastee helps in cultivating such feelings.

The sanskrit word consist of Namas means I bow  and Tee Means to you.There for Namastee  literally means I bow to you.

You can perform this gesture in the beginning of the class and at the end of the class.It feels really  nice and touchy when you great and welcome your students  as a divine soul .


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